Microsoft’s Power BI consists of a collection of apps, software services, and connectors. They work together and convert the seemingly unrelated data into coherent and visually immersive information to provide interactive insights. Whether an organization stores data in an Excel spreadsheet or on-premises and cloud-based hybrid data warehouses, Power BI enables the enterprise to easily connect with data sources and discover what is really important.

Zerone Hi Tech WLL

When it comes to Power BI consulting services in Bahrain, Microsoft Gold Partner Zerone Hi Tech can provide you with the best services. The systems integration services provider has proven expertise in the implementation of Dynamics 365 Finance and operations, Business Central, and LS Retail and offers a portfolio of digital and cloud solutions, including Power BI, Office 365, SharePoint, Azure, and Cloud Hosting Services. This greatly enhances the performance of your business in Bahrain.

Zerone’s Power BI Services

Zerone appreciates the fact that data drives today’s businesses. Considered as an asset, data enables an organization’s decision-making process. The business analytics tool Microsoft Power BI empowers organizations with in-depth insights and helps them boost their profitability. Zerone’s Power BI consulting services ensure end-to-end business intelligence solutions through dashboards, reporting, and customized visual representation of data.

The professional consultants in the company’s team have a lot of experience in implementing on-premise and cloud Power BI solutions. The company also has expertise in delivering impressive business analytics results by deploying this powerful business intelligence tool.

Zerone professionals’ knowledge as regards the latest tools and their subject matter expertise come in handy when unlocking the potential of Power BI and identify trends and improve your decision making capability. Microsoft’s business intelligence stack includes tools and applications that are suitable for businesses of all sizes and domains.

Power BI in Bahrain

As the top Power BI consulting services in Bahrain, Zerone offers the following:

  • Integration – This service, a component of SQL Server Database, is employed for tasks such as data warehousing and migration. Zerone utilizes the service to enable complete management, migration, and integration of data from multiple sources for deriving actionable information.
  • Reporting – This module includes a suite of modern products to enable mobile and paginated reports and a web portal that highlights the Key Performance Indicators. With the help of this module, Zerone designs interactive as well as visually-appealing reports that are aligned with the specific requirements of your business.
  • Analysis – The analysis is all about building multidimensional models, data mining, and processing capabilities. Zerone’s Power BI experts help you develop the best data version for in-depth analysis and presentation with the help of visualization tools like Excel and Power BI. The business intelligence experts at Zerone also help you develop a cloud data model if you are using Microsoft Azure for your business. The team’s ability to provide consultancy for using BI-related apps and services to combine data from multiple sources and develop a secure data model has helped it successfully complete many projects.
  • Real-Time Streaming – This is the age of the Internet of Things (IoT). And, Power BI’s real-time streaming capability can help you drive the profitability of your organization. Zerone’s proven capability will be of great help to you in this regard. The systems integration services provider helps you to create dashboards that update and display data in real-time. This enables you to collect as well as analyze time-sensitive data for producing better outcomes for your business.

In conclusion, Zerone Hi Tech’s comprehensive Power BI consulting services in Bahrain include BI assessment, defining a BI strategy and developing a road map, BI architecture development, cloud BI, data governance and warehousing, and report development among others.