Microsoft Dynamics NAVISION, an ERP application, assists small as well as medium-sized companies and large international groups’ local subsidiaries in efficiently managing their finance, manufacturing, supply chain, customer relationship management (CRM), and ecommerce functions with the help of analytics. Over the years, Microsoft rebranded this ERP as Dynamics NAV. Currently, the application is renamed as Dynamics 365 Business Central after integration with Dynamics 365 suite of products.

Dynamics NAVISION/ 365 Business Central Capabilities

The comprehensive business management solution helps you to streamline your business processes by enabling smarter decisions. This accelerates the all-round growth of your organization. The key capabilities of Dynamics NAVISION are as follows:

Increases financial visibility

The connected data provided to you through built-in reports and charts in real-time across finance and accounting, purchasing, sales, and inventory functions over Power BI dashboards help you make smarter decisions. In addition, it allows you to identify trends and patterns. Further, the extension that predicts late payment helps you to reduce receivables. Other capabilities include accelerated financial closing and streamlining processes through workflow approvals and Microsoft’s Power Automate integration.

microsoft dynamics navision 365

Optimizes your supply chain

When it comes to supply chain management, the ERP solution predicts the best time for replenishing stock with the help of built-in intelligence. Furthermore, inputs such as sales forecasts and expected stock-out times enable you to automatically generate purchase orders. The holistic view of the inventory that Dynamics 365 Business Central offers allows you to freely move items across locations. Other capabilities include proactive engagement with suppliers and replenishment of inventory based on actual as well as forecasted demand and availability.

Boosts sales and improves service

Dynamics NAVISION helps you to prioritize leads on the basis of revenue potential, keep track of customers’ interactions, and get the best guidance on upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities through the sales cycle. Further, it enables you to optimize revenues by addressing customers’ needs and through flexible and discounted pricing structures. Additionally, you will be able to efficiently address customer returns, including credit notes, replacements, and repairs.

Delivers projects without the time and budget overruns

The advantage of using Dynamics 365 Business Central is that you can create, manage, and track projects with the help of timesheets and through advanced job costing as well as reporting capabilities. It also offers the flexibility to modify budgets for ensuring project profitability. Furthermore, the ERP solution for small and medium-sized businesses enables you to easily manage resource levels through capacity planning. Another important capability of the ERP software is that it makes decision making easy by providing real-time insights on status, resource-usage, and profitability metrics.

Final thoughts

Dynamics NAVISION can be tailored to suit your needs. It offers broad and deep industry functionality and it is highly customizable for enhancing productivity. Further, Microsoft delivers additional business solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of specific industries through its global Partner ecosystem. Microsoft’s app marketplace has hundreds of applications and implementation packages that are capable of delivering rich solutions for varied industries. It does not matter in which industry your business is. Dynamics 365 Business Central helps you to grow the organization and thrive in your field.

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