Are you implementing the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution for your business for the first time? Or, are you planning to enhance your existing solution? In both situations, it is important that you work closely with a trusted partner in order to derive maximum benefits from Dynamics ERP implementation. Microsoft has created a partner ecosystem to offer expert guidance to help businesses optimize their Dynamics ERP applications and accelerate their success.

As a certified Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner in Bahrain, Zerone Technologies, a leading systems integration company, has the expertise and experience to provide personalized solutions for your business. It is the company’s expertise in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, NAV, AX, etc., that makes Zerone one of the key service providers in Bahrain. The comprehensive portfolio of services offered by Zerone includes Microsoft SharePoint, Azure, 365, Power BI, Microsoft 365 and cloud hosting services, among others.

How Does Zerone Hi Tech Help You?

Evaluates and suggests new solutions – Dynamics ERP implementation experts from Zerone would evaluate your existing solutions and understand your requirements as the first step. They will then identify the Dynamics ERP applications that are best suited to your needs at present and those that could be of help as your business grows.

Personalizes existing solutions – Zerone’s ERP experts would then customize or enhance the business processes with the help of partner apps for adding industry-specific functionality to Dynamics 365’s out-of-the-box capabilities.

Stay on track – Finally, the company would provide ongoing support, consultancy services, and optimization recommendations to help you stay on track.

Microsoft Dynamics


Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics ERP Applications

The ERP solution helps businesses:

  • Manage their entire supply chain
  • Make financial data as well as reports accessible not only for business planning but also for ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Automate routine and repetitious functions and enable employees to focus more on critical tasks
  • Minimize the complexity of salary and benefits calculations, recruitment, and performance management
  • Improve the visibility of key performance factors (for example, profitability and potential problems
  • Meet industry-specific needs

5 focus industries of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution are the financial services, manufacturing, public companies, retail, and services.

If you are struggling with your legacy solution, the implementation of Dynamics ERP software will be of great help in staying ahead of your competitors. This is because new advancements in enterprise resource planning technology help you enhance employee performance and present better customer engagement opportunities. As Microsoft’s Dynamics ERP partner in Bahrain, Zerone technologies will help you take advantage of the advancements by implementing Dynamics in the right manner. This, in turn, will enable you to modernize the basic ERP functions, find new opportunities through data and intelligence, and customize or build applications that cater specifically to the requirements of your business.

Call Zerone today and schedule a demo to find out as to how the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution can turn your business around and help you achieve higher levels of success. A demo also offers an opportunity to include your employees in the decision-making process and this makes implementation much easier.