The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce (MD 365 C) suite enables you to streamline the operations of your online store by linking a flexible front-end (your store) with a strong back office. MD 365 C empowers vendors by creating and managing online stores and linking them with their existing retail outlets to enable in-store pick-up. Furthermore, it presents employees of your organization with opportunities to upsell to customers in person. MD 365 C helps you to:

  • Engage customers across different marketing channels
  • Build and operate digital commerce
  • Optimize and streamline your retail operation
  • Enjoy the security and flexibility you have always wanted

MD 365 C Salient Features

The first and foremost reason why MD 365 C is the right choice for setting up and operating online stores are:

  • Native eCommerce channel
  • Geo search insights
  • Cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Connected store
  • AI product recommendations
  • IoT intelligence
  • Responsive eCommerce
  • Product insights
  • Low-code and no-code page editors

Many businesses are transforming their brick and mortar retail stores and building their online stores on the MD 365 C platform. In fact, it is a one-stop solution for businesses of all sizes from different industry verticals. Whether you have a small, medium, or large business, MD 365 C enables you to enjoy unmatched scalability and agility. You can experience the power of limitless eCommerce without compromising efficiency. Additionally, it enables you to experience the power of omnichannel commerce. Besides, you can engage with your customers, optimize operations, and monitor sales through POS, call centers, and your online store.

The statistics given below will make it clear to you how Microsoft, an enterprise IT retailer, has leveraged the power of Dynamics 365 Commerce for its own online stores.

Monthly performance and scale across global data center:

  • 5 Billion Customers every month
  • 30 Billion Views Every Month
  • 5 Trillion assets every month

Use Case Example

The benefit of using MD 365 C for your online stores is best explained with the help of a use case example. One of the largest and premium wine companies in the US was using unified commerce for its end-to-end commerce operations as well as customer engagement. The company changed over to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce to deliver on its promise of luxury. The changeover was essential because of the need for consistent engagement with its customers across all of its marketing channels.

The shift to MD 365 C helped the wine estate improve the collaboration between the winemakers’ craftsmanship and the logistics related to high-profile retail distribution at the national level. The wine estate leveraged the power of Dynamics 365 for:

  • Implementing a headless commerce system
  • Interconnecting business processes
  • Unifying data
  • Powering AI-based analytics
  • Protection against fraud

Having understood the transformational experience of the wine estate, are you ready to implement MD 365 C for your online retail store? If so, we at Zerone Hi Tech, a leading systems integration company in Bahrain, can help you. Furthermore, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner and are familiar with implementing all of the products of the company. Additionally, we have a team of technical experts who have the experience and expertise to provide support to businesses of all sizes and types.