There is no doubt about the fact that the future belongs to microsoft cloud solutions. More and more companies are recognizing the need to migrate to cloud services. This is because outsourcing of computing capacity, software over the Internet, and storage capacity enable businesses to significantly cut down the cost of setting up and maintaining their own IT infrastructure. In addition, it allows them to focus more on the core activities related to their business. Furthermore, Microsoft’s cloud solutions help businesses adapt quickly to changes in requirements and respond immediately to market conditions and customers’ requests.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions Program

Microsoft sells its cloud solutions through what is called a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. Competent IT solutions providers become Microsoft partners for providing cloud-based solutions. These partners are authorized to sell as well as support cloud-based licenses for Microsoft 365, and Azure on behalf of Microsoft.

Zerone Hi Tech WLL has partnered with Microsoft for providing services to manage all the needs of a Microsoft cloud customer. Zerone makes use of the in-product tools to provision, manage, and support customer subscriptions. The company is also allowed to integrate vetted third-party tools that help customers meet some of their specific needs.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Microsoft Cloud Services Made Available Through CSPs

  • Office 365 – Boosts business productivity by ensuring reliable access anywhere. Customer benefits include email, file sharing capability, calendar, IM, online conferencing, and Office Online.
  • Dynamics 365 – Offers digital intelligence to help businesses reimagine what’s possible. CRM and ERP capabilities of Dynamics 365 work seamlessly.
  • Microsoft 365 – Provides an intelligent and complete solution. It includes Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility plus Security.
  • Windows 10 Enterprise (E3 and E5) – Offers flexibility as well as security. Pay-as-you-go and per-user models allow businesses to keep pace with their growth.
  • Microsoft Azure – Helps businesses have an open, flexible, and enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. Businesses can perform better, move faster, and save money through infrastructure as a Service option.

Advantages of Working With Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider Zerone

The greatest advantage of working with Zerone Hi Tech is that the company gives top priority to its customers. Zerone manages the end-to-end lifecycle of customers’ Microsoft cloud services. Businesses can also utilize Zerone as their single-source supplier for all their IT needs. The company also tracks customers’ information related to all of the purchases, software contracts, and participating affiliates around the world. This enables businesses to have better control of their licensing foundation and enjoy great cost benefits.

With Zerone as the CSP partner, businesses get:

  • Access to dedicated and skilled cloud professionals
  • Differentiated solutions that help businesses migrate and manage their cloud environment
  • Provisioning and management of cloud subscriptions
  • First-line technical customer support services
  • Bundled Zerone-Microsoft cloud subscription services provide businesses with one contract as well as one invoice

In conclusion, Zerone Hi Tech has a technically strong IT solutions development team and has helped many businesses in Bahrain achieve a high level of success through their Microsoft cloud solutions.