The end-to-end retail POS software LS Retail allows retailers to manage the operation of a single store or that of a chain of retail stores. The integrated solution offers complete as well as innovative functionalities to retailers and eliminates the need for building, managing and maintaining multiple applications as well as interfaces. It comes with a single application that covers the whole of your retail business right from the Point Of Sale terminals to the headquarters. LS Retail covers all the functions, including store management, merchandising, inventory, demand planning, and back-office operations.

Advantages of Using LS Retail Software Solutions

As it is a fully integrated and all-in-one software solution, you easily manage your business from a central location. Further, the end-to-end retail solution is flexible, cloud-enabled, and designed specifically designed for meeting the specific needs of retailers. As the software enables you to manage your operations right from your headquarters by checking performance in real-time, you will be in a better position to react quickly to any change.

The POS solution also enhances your omnichannel strategy as fast-changing consumer habits call for the deployment of innovative business systems. The cutting-edge omnichannel solutions form LS Retail help you to offer a seamless and personalized consumer experience across the channels and touch-points. This includes social media as well.

Further, as LS Retails offers superior shopping experience across channels, your customers will remain loyal to your brand and make repeat purchases. You will also be able to grow your customers and margins as it enables you to provide accurate and quick service in-store, on-the-go, and online, including personalized deals.

Finally, you can fully integrate LS Retail with Dynamics NAV/Dynamics 365 Business Central for gaining a competitive edge in the market through simpler, easier, and faster retail processes.

There are two LS Retail solutions and they can be integrated seamlessly with Dynamics NAV/Dynamics 365 Business Central. They are LS One and LS Central, which was formerly referred to as LS NAV.


LS One

The retail POS software LS One is not only quick-to-learn but also easy-to-customize. It enables you to provide flexible and accurate service to your customers. Additionally, it allows you to make personalized offers to customers and enables them to check out faster.

Benefits offered by LS One include the following:

  • Faster customer service
  • Ability to extend promotions as well as loyalty programs
  • Management of the inventory in an effective and efficient manner
  • Analysis and reporting tools that allow you to evaluate the performance of your business
  • Offline and online POS terminals so that connectivity anxiety can be done away with

LS Central

The comprehensive retail management system LS Central provides you with all the functionality that you need for managing your operation efficiently and without any hassles right from head office to the POS terminals. You will also be able to provide outstanding customer service as well as enjoy loyalty. LS Central allows you to offer a variety of online, in-store, and mobile features that are focused on enhancing the experience of your customers.

Benefits offered by LS Central include the following:

  • Oversee and operate your business from your back office
  • Track your stock, sales, and productivity on all channels (physical locations, e-commerce platform, and mobile platform) in real-time
  • Handle changing circumstances quickly and effectively and minimize your risks and maximize your profits

Zerone Hi Tech is one of the leading systems integration companies and LS Retail Partner in Bahrain. The LS Retail implementation experts in Zerone will deploy the end-to-end retail software solution in such a way that it delivers the kind of functionality that is demanded by small as well as large retailers.