Are you looking forward to implementing business management tools like CRM solutions or ERP to boost the efficiency of your firm? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is your go-to. This cloud-based suite for both CRM and ERP applications helps in driving the success and growth of the business by bringing together all the business requirements to the cloud. 


Even though Microsoft is an industry giant, it is common for business owners to be sceptic about its offerings. Hence, this blog was created. 


Through this blog, we aim to help you comprehend the importance of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce as well as determine how it drives business growth. 


1- Flexible and highly customizable


The best thing about D365 is that it allows you to build a tailored solution selecting features that your business might benefit from the most. The Microsoft-approved plugins and extensions included in the D365 package give you the flexibility to access and customize solutions online, offline, anytime and anywhere. 


2- Secure and compliant


The integrity and privacy of your data remain the priority of the Dynamics 365 platform. This secure model keeps your data safe and backed up in the cloud. 

You will have full control of the data that your users might have access to. 


3- User-friendly, unified interface


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce’s interface is both user-friendly and unified. The familiarity with the interface assists in enhancing the user adoption rate. The users can easily customize their solution to develop new applications using programs like Microsoft Flow. 

You can even generate records and track emails from inside the Dynamics 365 solution’s interface.


4- Comprehensive reporting


The Report Wizard of D365 available within the Customer Engagement apps allows you to develop reports hassle-free and produce custom reports in the Power BI for easy analysis, prediction and examination of the data. 


5- Improve customer relations


The personalized communication feature in Dynamics 365 tools assists in boosting customer relations management. 

You can easily access and manage the entire customer data, making it easy to track the leads using real-time data. 

 One of the features of the D365 tool allows you to design personalized contact messages and even offer an intelligent feedback system, helping you make instinctive changes to customer satisfaction.


6- Monitor day-to-day activities

Using the relationship assistant, you can easily monitor the day-to-day activities. You can use this assistant to produce action cards that are displayed through the application to offer smart ideas. 

 Get integrated with LinkedIn Sales Navigator using D365 to connect with the target audience on social media, thereby boosting the rate of personalized engagement. 


7- Improve marketing and sales

Did you know Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce has the ability to boost sales and marketing teams’ capabilities? D365 employs a smart communication system, enabling different departments within the business to work intelligently by using real-time data for making quick and informed decisions. 

 D365 also features tools that remove redundant steps, faulty procedures, etc., to streamline the sales process, meeting the customer needs efficiently.  


Over to you

Evidently, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce’s reliable, compatible, flexible, easy-to-integrate future-proof program features and applications make it an epicentre of business planning, development, success and growth. 


If you wish to determine which Dynamics 365 solution might suit your business the best to achieve your goals and objectives, speak with the experts at Zerone Hi-Tech – A Microsoft Gold Partner.