Businesses in Bahrain have started recognizing the importance of using an ERP solution because of the implementation of Value Added Tax and changing business dynamics. ERP solutions help businesses integrate the various organizational functions and enable them to operate as one unified system. An ERP software solution enables an organization to store all the information/data related to the business in a centralized location and provide access to users as per their functional requirements. As ERP solutions provide accurate business information in real-time, it becomes easy for managers to make informed business decisions and improve operational efficiencies.

ERP Solutions Bahrain – Benefits

Implementation of an ERP software solution provides a wide range of benefits to businesses operating in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Some of the key benefits are listed below:

  • Simplifies the management of books of accounts
  • Enables accounting and generating VAT compliant invoices
  • Provides better control on bills payables and receivables
  • Automates generation of accurate business reports in real-time
  • Optimizes inventory and stock management functions
  • Enables the management of VAT records and filing of VAT returns on-time
  • Reduces the hassles related to cash flow management
  • Ensures seamless banking
  • Allows business data to be accessed remotely
  • Enables consolidation of business data and management of multiple branches at different locations
  • Makes cost optimization and analysis easier

ERP Solutions Bahrain

ERP Solutions Bahrain – Modules

ERP software comes with solutions for the different functional departments of an organization, ranging from simple invoice generation to the management of complex business processes such as inventory and banking. In general, the ERP solutions that are most widely used by the business are:

Production Management: This module simplifies and even automates the processes involved in production planning and optimizing manufacturing activities like capacity utilization, parts and components management, and material planning, keeping in mind demand and past consumption patterns.

Purchase Management: This ERP module streamlines the processes of procurement of raw materials and other supplies.

Inventory and Warehouse Management: The key role of this important module is to maintain optimum levels of all inventories.

Sales and Order Management: The aim of including the sales management module in an ERP solution is to improve the efficiency of the finished goods orders management system, starting from order collection to invoice generation and receipt of payments.

Accounts and Finance Management: The accounting and finance module is by far the most important one as it allows businesses to know their current financial position as well as future outlook. The module helps businesses track payables and receivables, manage the general ledger, automate billing, vendor payments, and accounts reconciliation, among others.

Supply Chain Management: This is another important module that enables the seamless operation of a business. It helps enterprises to track the movement of goods and supplies within the supply chain and manage goods returned for refund/replacement.

Customer Relationship Management: The main objective of this module is to enable businesses to improve their customer service function. It stores all information related to prospects and customers and their communication as well as purchase history.

Human Resources Management: The HRM module maintains detailed records of all employees.

Ecommerce: This module enables enterprises to quickly launch their B2B or B2C ecommerce website. It includes user-friendly tools for adding new items, updating product content, and changing the website’s look and feel.

Zerone Hi Tech WLL – ERP Solutions in Bahrain

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