Zerone Hi Tech is an IT solutions company that has the status of being a Microsoft Gold Partner.

A Microsoft Certified Partner is a firm that is authorized to provide the software giant’s products and support services to companies looking for software solutions. As an officially recognized Microsoft partner, the firm can help customers with a wide range of information technology-related projects. However, the firm cannot offer the level of support a Microsoft Gold Partner is allowed to their customers.

microsoft gold partner

Microsoft Gold Partner Benefits

  • The firm gets to utilize the latest technologies and innovative products and enhance its teams’ skills, improve efficiency, and grow its business.
  • As a Microsoft Gold partner, the company is authorized to provide the highest level of customer care and have a collaborative relationship with Microsoft. This is because it is committed to ensuring excellence in evolving technologies of Microsoft and maximizing the clients’ benefits through its Microsoft solutions implementation expertise.
  • Another value that a Gold Partner, the highest level that can be achieved by a firm, enjoys is the professional and expert support guarantee from Microsoft. This can be attributed to the annual Gold Partner performance reviews carried out by Microsoft. From the client’s point of view, this means that their business transformation is in safe hands when they choose to work with a Microsoft Gold Partner.
  • Being a Gold Partner also means that Microsoft recognizes the IT company’s capability to provide:
    • Microsoft’s IT products and services
    • Customer support on a continuous basis and be the first to receive updates and news
    • Smarter training programs and tools
    • 100 licenses for Microsoft’s products
    • Consultancy services with best-in-class Microsoft implementation/deployment

Finally, a Microsoft Gold Partner is recognized as a leader among the partner community.

In conclusion, the largest benefit of being a Microsoft Gold partner is the access to software giant’s tools and technologies. The partner firm receives premium MSDN subscriptions. This is to ensure that each of the team members has the latest technology tools and information and training needed to successfully complete their projects. This is because access to the best tools makes the developers more effective and efficient. An additional benefit that comes the IT solution provider’s way is the significant savings in cost as a result of the tools provided by Microsoft. Gold Partners are not required to buy subscriptions. This enables them to invest more in product development and sometimes pass on a part of the benefits to their clients.

Zerone Hi Tech Bahrain

The technology and IT solutions company Zerone Hi Tech in the Kingdom of Bahrain is a Microsoft Gold Partner. The company provides intelligent solutions that enable businesses to integrate all their data sources and get better insights to run their organizations more effectively. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Zerone offers Dynamics 365, the intelligent business ERP solution, implementation services in Bahrain. Zerone also offers a broad spectrum of cloud as well as digital solutions, including Microsoft Power BI, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, and Azure, among others.